Francesco Ritondale

Full Filmography


  • Documentary “Le Rose” directed by Stefano De Martin, Director of Photography, editing, 2021.
  • Movie “I Naufraghi” directed by Giovanni Brancale, Director of Photography, editing, 2020/2021.

“Piagge Bruxelles A/R”

Documentary, Edizioni Piagge, Direction, DOP and Editing 2020.

“A Place in the World”

Documentary, directed by Francesco Ritondale, DOP and Editing,

“Misericordia di Firenze”

Documentary, directed by Leandro Giribaldi, DOP Francesco Ritondale, 2019.

“Station Road”

Movie, directed by Renzo Rosati, feature film, Francesco Ritondale DOP 2017.

“Le Terre Rosse”

Movie, Estravago Film, directed by Giovanni Brancale, feature film, DOP, camera, Editing, 2016


TV program, RockHead, National Geographic, Camera Operator, 13 episodes, 2016.

“L’arte in Guerra”

Documentary directed by Massimo Becattini, Documentaries of art, for “la grande storia” Rai 3, DOP, camera 2015.


TV program, RockHead, National Geographic, Camera Operator, 13 episodes, 2014.

“A puppet named Pinocchio”

Documentary, directed by Massimo Becattini for Art Documentary Film, DOP camera, 2014.

“Tuscany and his culture”

Documentary for China tv, (camera operator), September 2012.


Videoclip by Lorenzo Baglioni, directed by Adam Montanaro, DOP, July 2012

“Zio B”

Videoclip (DOP and Camera), director Giacomo De Bastiani, actor Alessandro Benvenuti, May 2012


Pilot TV, (DOP and camera), November 2011

“Noon Project”

Videoclip, (DOP and camera), September 2011

“David Rocco Amalfi Getaway”

TV series, Food network, (camera), August 2011.

“The fresco technique by Maestro Manzi”

Documentary, Manzi Museum, municipality of Campi Bisenzio, (DOP and camera), 2010-2011.

“The new game”

Directed by Atanas Ibba Mantchorov, feature movie, (DOP and camera), May June, 2010.

“Il Maestro Antonio Carmassi”

Documentary, video interview with Maestro Antonio Carmassi, (DOP and camera), 2010.

“Una rosa di guerra”

Documentary by Massimo Becattini produced by Documentari film d’arte, in collaboration with Istituto LUCE, (DOP and camera), 2007/2009.

“Il Falco e la Colomba”

Fiction Mediaset PCC, a RTI production, made by DAP ITALY s.r.l., directed by Giorgio Serafini, (Tuscan videoassist set), 2009.


Collaboration with Tv Key, (DOP and camera and editing) Nina Senicar, backstage, (DOP and camera and editing)

“Arredo 4”

Commercial (DOP and camera and editing)

“APT Pistoia”

Editing and spot edition

“Diffusione Tessile”

SIPRA circuit, 2009.


Short film directed by Marco Compiani, (DOP and camera), 2009.

“The stained-glass windows of Santa Maria del Fiore”

Documentary by Massimo Becattini produced by Documentari film d’arte, (DOP and camera), 2007/2009.

“Fast of furious Tokyo Drift”

TOYO Tires, motor show Bologna, creation of 2 videos for Toyo Tires (Drifting race and stunt of the “Fast of furious Tokyo Drift”), (DOP and camera and editing), December 2008.

“David Rocco ‘Dolce Vita’ 4”

Canadian television production intended for broadcast via satellite, (Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, England, Brazil, Japan, Belgium, Spain), (camera), 2008.


TV series created by the “Audiovisual Documentation Center” of Pontassieve, (DOP and camera and editing), January-December 2008.


Strolling through Cesare Pavese, theatrical event in Santo Stefano Belbo (CU) for the commemorative of the centenary of the birth of Cesare Pavese, video event curator, September 2008.


Fabbrica Europa project with an international character on dance, music and Media, international coordinator of “Media” groups, May 2008.

“Wine & Fashion Florence”

in Beaver Creek (Colorado, USA), preparation of video events and documentation in Colorado, January-February 2008.

“Dear Parliament”

Documentary by Giacomo Faenza, produced by Jean Vigo film, (DOP and camera) Toscana, 2008.

“Black and white make red”

Documentary video on the work “Il luparo” by Amedeo Lanci, woodcut painter, complete video production, January 2008.

“Guttuso is in Pontassieve”

Documentary accompanying the painting exhibition of the same name, (DOP and camera and editing), December 2007.

Roots & Routes Foundation

Collaboration with the European Factory Association (Italy) in the context of Roots & Routes, a multimedia laboratory. The project by Mira Media (the Netherlands, lead partner), Roots & Routes Foundation (Netherlands), Cospe (Italy), JFC Medienzentrum Köln (Germany), RiF (France), XenoMedia (Spain).

“Communication Strategy”

Video collaboration with INDIRE – University of “Education” in Florence, coordinated by Dr. Luca Toschi, 2007/2010.

“Cna Firenze”

National Artisans Center, institutional video for the same body (DOP and camera) February 2007.

“Il Maestro e Margherita”

Movie, directed by Giovanni Brancale, Italy, (DOP and camera and editing) 2007.

“The Florentine Levant … the horizon of emotions”

Video in German for the presentation of “the Levant Lands”, presented in Darmstadt, Frankfurt, (visual art director), September 2006.

  • “David Rocco ‘Dolce Vita’ 3” Canadian television production destined for broadcast via satellite, (Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, England, Brazil, Japan, Belgium, Spaina, etc ..), March-June 2006 (room).
  • “Nuremberg-Weimar sixty years later”, (DOP and camera and editing) documentation relating to the project “Scenes from a Memory” March 2006.
  • Social forum Bamako 19-24 January 2006 ”documentary video for the Water Right Foundation, related to the social forum held in Mali, Africa, (editing) March 2006.
  • “Toscana Energia” series of videos linked to the birth of the new Tuscan energy company (DOP and camera), February 2006.
  • Shooting for the “Jam Theater” theater company (DOP and camera), February-June 2006.
  • “Water as a public good” (Direction, DOP and camera), video related to the privatization of water, in progress, December 2005.
  • “Wine & Fashion Florence” (Direction, DOP and camera), promotional video linked to the event, October 2005.
  • “Dolce Italia” (room) international concert in piazza Signoria, organized by “canal 2”, French national television, July 2005.
  • Project: “Scenes from a Memory”, (Direction, DOP) project linked to the extermination camps, sponsored by ANED and AMPI, 2005/2006.
  • “PASSIONI” Artistic documentary (theme: the painter-sculptor Enzo Butera): (DOP and camera), 2005.
  • “Journey: 60 May”, artistic Doc (theme: extermination camps), (Direction, DOP and editing), 2005.
  • “Florence from Immobilism to Immobiliarism” false documentary on the urbanization of Florence, directed by Francesco Azzini, video by Hulot film distribution, (DOP and camera), 2005.
  • “Progetto Florenza” (camera assistant) spot of UNESCO aimed at the enhancement of Florentine cultural heritage 2005.
  • Informative theatrical video: “No ritalin” (Direction, DOP) 2005.
  • “Journey of memory 2005”, artistic Doc (theme: extermination camps), (Direction, camera and editing), 2005.
  • “Toscana in Video”, weekly television program (rtv italia), (camera), 2005.
  • “David Rocco ‘dolce vita’ 2” Canadian television production destined for broadcast via satellite (Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, England, Brazil, Japan, Belgium, Spain, etc ..), 2004 (Camera assist and s8 room).
  • “Journey of memory”, (extermination camps), (Dop and camera), May 2004.
  • “David Rocco ‘Dolce Vita'” Canadian television production intended for satellite broadcasting, (Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, England, Brazil, Japan, Belgium, Spain, etc ..), 2004 (Camera assist, s8 camera, production assist).
  • Film shooting, call back: “Tantum Verde gengive” advertisement, national television circuit, 2002 (camera).
  • Documentary “The Medici in Tuscany”, Tokyo National TV, Japan, (Gaffer), 2001.


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