Professional experience

Account Production


Directed by John Wright, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Working Title, 2nd accountant/cashier, 2020/2021.

“Bulgari – Never too much – campaign”

Directed by Johan Renck, Full Moon, Account/administrator, 2019.

“Eine Harte Tour”

Directed by Isabel Kleefeld, Roxy film, Account / administrator, 2019.

“Head Full of Honey”

Directed by Til Schweiger, Warner Bros, Assistant Administrator, 2018.

“Killing Eve 2”

BBC America, TV series, 1 and 2 episodes, Account/administrator, 2018.


22/07, Panorama Films, Account / administrator, 2017.

“Killing Eve”

BBC USA, BBC america, TV series, 1 and 2 episodes, Account / administrator, 2017.

“Riccardo goes to hell”

Directed by Roberta Torre, Medusa/Agidi, Assistant Administrator, 2017.


Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, Panorama Films, Account/administrator, 2016.

“Amazing Race”

27/08 CBC, Panorama Films, Account / administrator, 2016.


Directed by Ron Howard, Columbia Picture – Sony Picture, cashier, 2015

“PEPSI next gen 0 – Peach Boy”

Commerical, Account / Administrator, 2015

“Amazing Race 25/07”

CBC, Panorama Films, Account/administrator, June / July 2014.

“Bachelorette 10”

ABC, Panorama Films, Account/administrator, March / May 2014.


The project, promoted by the South-East Florentine Health Society and by the Municipalities of the area and financed by the European Fund for the integration of third-country nationals, and Minister of the Interior, action 2, (coordinator of the section video), September 2011 June 2012.

“Around Word in 80 Plates”

The Mission Production, Panorama Films, Account / administrator, October 2011.

“Jersey Shore 4”

MTV television, 495 production, Panorama Film, Account/administrator, May / July 2011.

“La banda dei babbi natale”

Directed by Paolo Genoese, Medusa Film, film by Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo, 2nd accountant, May / August 2010.

“Blind Maze”

Directed by Heater Parisi, produced by Hicnam, Account/administrator, 2009.

Francesco Ritondale

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360-degree videomaker, specialized in direction of photography, filming and editing without neglecting various productions as a director and creative writing.


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